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About Sweet Sugar Gliders

Find out about Sweet Sugar Gliders. Who are the people behind Sweet-Sugar-Gliders.com website?

Misty - Suggie Slave

About Sweet Sugar Gliders - Misty with sugar glider and joeys

I go by IowaMisty in the forums. I live near Des Moines, Iowa, with my husband Ben, one Shih Tzu, six suggies, 11 hedgehogs, 3 tenrecs, & a ball python.  I work at Principal as an IT Application Analyst. When I was younger, I thought it would be neat to have sugar gliders as pets and fell in love again with them in early 2008. I did LOTS of research and found the perfect pair of gliders to own me. We have 2 pairs of gliders that we are currently breeding, so you may occasionally see our babies posted here for adoption. The joeys are so fun to have around!

In my glider research, I have noticed that I never can seem to find everything I am looking for all in one place. I wanted to make a website to compile all of the great information I have found and give people kind of a "one-stop shop" to learn about sugar gliders.  Also, I am noticing that sugar gliders have become kind of a fad, with the mill breeders pushing them as "perfect pocket pets" at flea markets, state fairs, home & garden shows, etc.  My goal is to educate people.  As a "normal" person with just a few pairs of pet suggies, I thought I could also give people a realistic view on what it is like to care for these exotic pets. So...I have enlisted the help of both my husband and my best friend Arren to get this website going.  We have lots left to add, so be patient with us.  Since we have started breeding other exotic animals as well, Ben and I have started up another website where we have more information about all of our exotics.  You can visit us at http://www.dormanexotics.com.

Ben - Suggie Slave

About Sweet Sugar Gliders - Ben with sugar glider on his headI go by IowaBen in the forums.  As Misty said, we live near Des Moines, Iowa , with our dog and our exotic animals.  Since early 2008, we have spent much of our spare time learning about sugar gliders and now we're dedicated to teaching others about them.  Misty's focus is doing the research and creating much of the content, Arren's focus is getting our site to the top of the search engines and taking care of a lot of the "business" aspects, and my focus is the design.  All of the design work that you see on our website (logo, banners, etc) and products were designed by me.  We wanted to make our website look both professional and fun.  I am having fun creating all of these 2D graphics and am actually a 3D artist by trade.  In 2009, I started up my own company called Trini-D Animations, where I make animations for some local companies and also for pastors to use in sermons.

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