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Available Sugar Gliders

We recently moved & unfortunately were not able to bring our gliders with us. We are no longer breeding and had to find new homes for them. There are usually lots of gliders in the classifieds section on www.glidercentral.net. We are happy to help with any supplies you might need at www.exoticanimalproducts.com.

Sweet Sugar Gliders - Twin 66% Leu Het Male Sugar Glider JoeysWe are a very small breeder of sugar gliders in Central Iowa and do occasionally have joeys available for sale. We run our breeding business under the name of Dorman Exotics.  We do not breed for volume. Our sugar gliders are our pets and our joeys are handled regularly to be tame for their new homes. We are located in central Iowa, but may be able to ship our joeys to legal states if necessary.  We breed for standard grey, mosaic, and white-faced blonde (WFB).


Sugar Glider Joeys

We have joeys about every 3-4 months.  Sometimes they make it onto our website and sometimes they get adopted before we get them advertised.  If you would like to be on our waiting list for when we have gliders available, please contact us.  You will need to fill out our adoption questionnaire. If we decide to work together, we will require a small deposit to hold a joey for you.

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Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting one or more of our sugar gliders, please contact us. You will be asked to fill out our adoption questionnaire as part of the process.  This allows us to get to know you a little better and make sure our babies are going to a good home.

Just a few Rules

  • We will not sell a single joey to someone who does not already have a glider or is not planning to have a cage mate for him/her.
  • We do not sell to minors - the parents must be involved.
  • Gliders must be legal in your area.  We will not knowingly sell a sugar glider to someone living in an area where gliders are illegal.  It is your responsibility to ensure they are legal before purchasing.  Please do your research.  Sugar gliders are illegal in some states and some counties or cities.
  • Please, serious inquiries only.  You must be willing to fill out our adoption questionnaire.
  • We require a non-refundable deposit to hold sugar gliders for you. This may vary according to the price of the joeys and how many you are getting.

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