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Sugar Glider Exercise Wheels / Running Wheels

Sweet Sugar Gliders - Wodent Wheel Running WheelExercise wheels are a perfect addition for keeping your sugar gliders in shape. In fact, sugar gliders need to have a running wheel in their cage. In the wild, gliders spend all night running and jumping for miles and miles. In captivity, it is important to provide a sugar glider safe wheel for them to get their much-needed exercise. There are several wheels that are highly recommended and considered safe for sugar gliders.  These two are the most popular amongst breeders and sugar glider owners.

  • Wodent Wheel Sr. (Senior Size) - These are low-cost, safe exercise wheels that are great for sugar gliders, lady rats, squirrels, Syrian or other large hamsters, and small hedgehogs.  Click the link for a more in-depth review. Sweet Sugar Gliders - Stealth Wheel Exercise Wheels
  • Stealth Wheel - This is the Cadillac of running wheels.  It is quiet, safe, runs smoothly, easy to clean, and comes highly recommended by lots of sugar glider owners.  They are available with different mount options, so you can order them on a stand, use them with a custom reptarium, or attach them on the side of the cage.  More to come on this soon.
  • Flying Saucer Wheel - This is a fun exercise toy.  We recommend this as a second wheel for your sugar gliders to play on. 

You will find the Wodent Wheel, the Stealth Wheel, and the Flying Saucer Wheel available in MANY colors in our Suggie Shop.

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