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Judie's BML Recipe - A Sugar Glider Modified BML Diet

Have you heard of Judie's BML Recipe? It is a modified BML diet created by Judie Hausmann. Judie has been breeding healthy sugar gliders for a long time and is very well respected in the sugar glider community. Her recipe is a modification to Bourbon's Modified Leadbeater's Mix (BML). She modified it to mask the bitter taste of the vitamin supplement. She says her gliders are eating better and are staying healthy after feeding this diet for over 6 years. We fed this recipe to our gliders for several months before switching to HPW. Our gliders ate it well and stayed very healthy. This is Judie's BML recipe:

Judie's Modified BML Recipe

Items in red are items that are different from the Original BML recipe.

Put in blender:

  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1 egg (boiled or microwaved, no shell)
  • 1/4 cup mixed fruit blend of juice (ex. apple-white grape)

Blend well, turn off blender, add the following:

Blend until smooth, turn off blender, add the following:

Blend until you reach a very smooth consistency. Pour into Tupperware bowl or ice cube trays, cover, and FREEZE.

Feeding Instructions

For one glider, feed 1 TABLEspoon Judie's BML mix, 1 TABLEspoon fruits, and 1 TABLEspoon vegetables nightly.

Use a frozen bag of mixed vegetables (corn, peas, & green beans) for the veggies. For the fruits, use a mixture of frozen blueberries, frozen cherries, fresh red grapes, and assorted melons.

Extra Advice

  • If freezing Judie's BML into ice cube trays, one cube should equal around 2 Tablespoons. You may want to test it out to make sure.
  • You should be able to find the Gerber yogurt juice in the baby food aisle.  If you can not find it, you can substitute it with 1/4 cup plain yogurt and 1/4 cup mixed fruit juice.
  • The baby food chicken does not have the most pleasant smell. The chicken will say either Chicken with Chicken Gravy or Chicken with Chicken Broth. Either one is fine. You can also substitute the chicken with the turkey baby food.
  • DO NOT substitute the Rep-Cal Herpivite Vitamin Supplement with any other supplement.  These are the calcium and supplement that work with this diet:

  • DO NOT feed the pits or seeds of apples, cherries, peaches, etc.
  • Use fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables - NOT canned.
  • Young joeys may eat more BML and less fruits & veggies. This is ok. You should continue to offer them every night.
  • Do NOT offer Briskys with the BML. It is a diet plan within itself and could throw the balance off of both plans.
  • Gliders are messy with their food. Try putting their food dish inside of a "glider kitchen". This can be a plastic (ferret) igloo on top of a plate or an upside-down plastic container with a hole in the side. This will help keep the mess and the cage smell down and make cleaning the cage MUCH easier.
  • If you need to feed your gliders a few hours early, prepare the diet without thawing the fruits and vegetables.  It should be thawed out by the time they wake up. 
  • A dry staple food is not required to supplement this diet, but can be used during the day in case your sugar gliders wake up and need a snack.
  • Judie's BML Diet is one of the approved sugar glider diets designed to be fed as a main course.
  • Judie's website can be found at http://www.mylittlegremlin.com

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