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SSG Complete HPW Diet - Feeding Routine Made Easy!

The SSG Complete HPW Diet makes feeding your sugar gliders a healthy diet much easier. Feeding your sugar gliders can seem extremely complicated when you first start doing your research.  We do encourage you to look over the sugar glider diet basics.  However, for those who want to feed them something healthy, but do not want to get into over analyzing the diet routine and just want a straight forward answer to "what should I feed my sugar gliders?", we thought we would spell out exactly what we do to feed our sugar gliders.  We are calling this the Sweet Sugar Gliders Complete HPW Diet (SSG Complete HPW Diet).  We are just taking the HPW Diet and further defining it.  We are not altering the original HPW Diet in any way.  The HPW, fruit, and veggie portion yields 1.5-2:1 calcium:phosphorous ratio (depending on which SSG Fruit Smoothie and SSG Veggie Relish OR which Fruit/Veggie Mix recipe you choose).  If you believe our math to be incorrect, please contact us to let us know.

How to Make the Food Ahead of Time 


This is the main portion of the sugar glider diet.  Click here for the HPW recipe and a video of how to make HPW.

SSG Fruit Smoothie

Select one of the following fruit smoothie recipes:

SSG Veggie Relish

AND select one of the following veggie relish recipes:

SSG Fruit/Veggie Mix

OR if you prefer to make one recipe containing fruits and veggies, select one of the following fruit/veggie mix recipes:

Our Nightly Feeding Routine for Two Sugar Gliders

This is what we give our gliders every night.  When we first make our fruit and vegetable mix, we freeze it into ice cube trays.  We measure out just under 1 TABLESPOON per cube.  Then we actually pour 3/4 TEASPOON of HPW Diet onto each cube prior to freezing.  Then on a nightly basis, all we have to do is put the fruit & veggies in the microwave.  If you choose to freeze your HPW separately, you would just mix the HPW into your thawed out fruits and veggies.  If you feed a few hours before they wake up, you do not have to thaw.  Also, it is ok to put the HPW, fruits, & veggies into separate dishes if your gliders prefer it that way.  We mix all of ours together and our gliders eat it very well.

  • 1 TBSP HPW mixture (made ahead of time) - if you freeze 3/4 TEASPOON into each fruit/veggie cube as I mentioned above, you do not have to measure out HPW on a nightly basis
  • 2 "ice cubes" of SSG Fruit Smoothie (made ahead of time) AND 2 "ice cubes" of SSG Veggie Relish (made ahead of time)
  • OR 4 "ice cubes" of SSG Fruit/Veggie Mix
  • Gliderade 1-2 times/week (we mix 1 tsp Gliderade with 5 tsp water for 2 gliders and serve it in a water silo)
  • Treats: mealies, wax worms, crickets, boiled chicken, hard-boiled egg (shell on), dried papaya, yogurt drops (treats can be fed in the morning to ensure your gliders eat their main meal - do not overfeed) 
  • Happy Glider Diet (optional, in case the sugar gliders get hungry during the day)

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