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Sweet Sugar Gliders - SSG Fruit Smoothie CA PH RatioSSG Fruit Smoothie Recipe 1

The SSG Fruit Smoothie Recipe for sugar gliders can be used in place of the fruit portion of the diet. It was designed by Misty at Sweet Sugar Gliders, to work with the SSG Complete HPW Diet. Our intention was to make it easy for glider owners. By not spending so much time calculating ratios, you are now freed up to spend more time with your sugar gliders. We do not claim to be nutritionists. We simply strive to do the best we know how for our sugar gliders (based on the research we have done) and wanted to pass along the information.

SSG Fruit Smoothie Recipe


  • 2 cups frozen mixed raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, & blackberries
  • 1 cup cantaloupe
  • 1 cup orange
  • 1 cup red apple
  • 3 cups papaya


Dump the frozen ingredients into a large bowl. Core and peel the apple (remove seeds). Peel the orange & remove any seeds. Remove the cantaloupe from the rind. Remove the seeds from the papaya and scoop the flesh out of the skin with a spoon. Chop/dice all of the fresh ingredients using a food processor or knife. (We use a food processor and chop small batches into pieces about the size of peas.) Measure the ingredients AFTER chopping them, then put them into the bowl. Mix with a large spoon. As you mix, you can cut the larger chunks of strawberries up a little bit with the spoon. Scoop the fruit smoothie mixture into ice cube trays (measure one TABLEspoon per cube). Cover and freeze. Once frozen, run hot water over the bottom of the ice cube trays, pop the fruit mixture out and place the cubes in a freezer container or Ziplock freezer bag. This will prevent freezer burn.
Feed one cube for one glider or 2 cubes for two gliders per day, with the HPW Diet or SSG Complete HPW Diet. This can be fed as the fruit portion of the main diet. Some diets specify which fruits you should use, but otherwise, the SSG Fruit Smoothie can replace the fruit portion of any diet.

Extra Advice

  • If your gliders are picky and not eating some of the fruits, you can try blending them with a blender (instead of chopping them) and mixing them in with your HPW or other main diet. If necessary, add some unsweetened apple juice to the mixture, to make it easier to blend.
  • The SSG Fruit Smoothie can be used as a substitute for the fruit portion of the sugar glider diet.
  • Aside from making your nightly feeding routine easier, the SSG Fruit Smoothie works great if you are out of town and want a convenient way for your glider-sitter to feed your gliders.
  • This yields approximately 1.75 ca:ph ratio, by our calculations. This ratio was calculated estimating even amounts of the different fruits in the frozen bag mix. Please let us know if you believe our math to be incorrect.
  • The orange in this diet can be substituted with prickly pear if available, which has a slightly lower ca:ph ratio, but no oxalates (so the gliders are better able to absorb the calcium).
  • When combined with one of the SSG Veggie Relishes and HPW Diet as shown in the SSG Complete HPW Diet, you will get a 1.5-2:1 ca:ph ratio.
  • This recipe was developed by Misty at http://www.sweet-sugar-gliders.com to be used in the SSG Complete HPW Diet.

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