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SSGG 2010 Attendees

Below is a list of SSGG 2010 attendees.  We will try to keep the list up to date as people keep registering.  To get your name on the list and join our weekend of fun, please fill out our registration form here.

# Name Name on Forums Kids? Location  
1 Misty Dorman IowaMisty   Ankeny, IA X
2 Ben Dorman IowaBen   Ankeny, IA X
3 Arren Asuncion     Cherry Hill, NJ X
4 Tami Ciboski tlc_in_chitown   Chicago, IL  
Rich Zemke     Chicago, IL   
6 Lindsay Goodrich Lindsay   Urbandale, IA  
7 Mike Kelso     Urbandale, IA  
8 Dr. Russel Gimre (vet, speaker)       X
9 Virginia Russell       X
10 Toni Micic Toni, LadyT

Uma (8), Milan (4)
& Oce (4)

Chicago, IL X
11 Mike Micic     Chicago, IL X
12 Josefine Vodenik Josefine   Perry, IA X
13 Larry Vodenik     Perry, IA X
14 JR Tichy xconwayx   Toledo, IA X
15 Tammy Trusty TTrusty   Russell, IA X
16 Glenn Trusty     Russell, IA X
17 Teresa Denton wrongway

Brianna, Zackery

Goodlettsville, TN X
18 Terie Snow TerieK   Burns, TN X
19 Eva Sokalski efula32   Mundelein, IL X
20 Brad Roman       X
21 Sarah Hammond sarahsnuggies   Oshkosh, WI X
22 Amber Loerzel     Davenport, IA X
23 Melissa Alfirevic       X
24 Laura May Mason     West Des Moines, IA X
25 Matthew Charnetski     West Des Moines, IA X
26 Laura Kadar     Des Moines, IA X
27 Lonnea Shirey Naej   Sun Prairie, WI X

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