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SSGG 2010 Vendors & Sponsors

We would like to thank those who are helping us to make Sweet Sugar Gliders Gathering 2010 a success.  Please support these sponsors.  Their donations are helping to fund this event.  Click here to learn more about how to sponsor the event.

Level 5 Sponsors

 Sweet Sugar Gliders - SSGG2010 Ad Banner

Sweet Sugar Gliders - "Your Ultimate Suggie Resource Guide" Sweet Sugar Gliders is quickly becoming a one-stop location for sugar glider information and supplies.  Educating sugar glider owners and providing quality products for their fur-kids is very important to us and 10% of the profit from our store is donated to The Glider Initiative.

Sweet Sugar Gliders Sponsor - The Pet Glider

 The Pet Glider The Pet Glider offers a superior selection of hand tamed sugar gliders and joeys that have been bred for their wonderful temperaments and stunning color variations. In addition, we offer a unique mix of vitamins designed specifically for your gliders and an enticing variety of food, treats and toys.

Level 4 Sponsors

Josefine Vodenik Josefine and her husband Larry are sugar glider enthusiasts who live in Perry, IA.   They wanted to help make the SSGG2010 even more fun by supporting it.  Thank you so much for your sponsorship!

Level 3 Sponsors

L.O.L. Hedgies - "Home of the Broken Hedgehogs and Playful Gliders"

Proud to sponsor this event hosted by a wonderful fellow hedgehog & sugar glider breeder. We are a USDA Licensed Breeder in Merriam, KS. We breed, adopt and rescue Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, and other small pocket pets in need. Please visit our website, e-mail l.o.l.hedgies@gmail.com or call at (816)200-0464.

Level 2 Sponsors

Papillon's Kisses - "Accessories for the discriminating glider"

Specializing in cage sets, bonding pouches and toys, everything that I create gets the same degree of love and safety as if it were going into my OWN glider's cage! Special orders are always welcome. I'm Minkasmom on Glider Central.

Level 1 Sponsors

The Mill Breeder Project 

Striving to put an end to poor practices within the Sugar Glider Breeding Mills that are selling gliders at public venues (i.e. trade shows, county fairs) that are sick, malnourished, and under age.

If these companies are scheduled to be in your location, please email the information to director@millbreederproject.com.

Spoonful of Sugars – "Gliders & Gear"

I am a small breeder located in Southeast WI. I also carry a full range of glider accessories; Scrapbook paper, cage sets, foraging toys, bonding pouches, loads of toy parts and a big favorite: hoodies and t-shirts with zipper pouches sewn in.


Other Donations

We would also like to give a quick thanks to those who have sent in items for goody bags and door prizes.

  • Sweet Sugar Gliders - Door prizes and toy parts for Toy Time
  • Dorman Exotics - Sugar glider window decal
  • Misty Dorman (IowaMisty) - BeautiControl beach-themed gift set
  • Suz Enyedy (Suz' Sugar Gliders) - Two foraging toys, TGI In Case of Emergency cards, & gift certificate
  • Meghan Wolfgram (Oakley) - C-links for goody bags
  • Jana (Jana's Suggie Shoppe) - Polypropylene corner hammock & bridge
  • Camille (Camillie's Vita-Mealies) - Lots of gift certificates for free mealworms
  • JillMarie Chambers (Chamberstuff) - Balls & straws for ball pit, duck feathers, sugar glider earrings
  • Linda Sardou (R&L Creative Carvings) - Wood-burned plaque with sugar gliders on it (first place prize for 2010 photo contest)
  • Sari Yappa (Suggie Smart Mart) - Toy for door prize & lots of toy parts for Toy Time
  • Ashley VanderWoude (Chattrbabe) - Strawberry Shortcake cage set & bra pouch
  • Karen Leonhardt (Glider Daydreams) - "Boo" pouch
  • Peggy Brewer (Critter Love) - Three sugar glider toys
  • Suncoast - Wagon Wheel Toy, two packs of cage & toy cleaner & shield, needle felted sugar glider, &  Wholesome Balance sample packets for everyone
  • The Pet Glider - 180-day supply of The Pet Glider Multivitamin
  • The Little Red Ladybug - Pouches, vines, tunnel, bonding pouch, & lots of toy parts
  • Teresa Snow (TerieK) - Halloween-themed 65-gal reptarium set, toy, mini hand sanitizers, & syringes
  • Tami Ciboski (tlc_in_chitown) - Toy-making supplies, pouches, PVC cage toy, e-collar patterns & supplies
  • Papillon's Kisses (minkasmom) - Halloween-themed cage set
  • Josefine Vodenik - Sugar glider cookies, TGI travel emergency booklets

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