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SSGG 2011 Vendors & Sponsors

We would like to thank those who are helping us to make Sweet Sugar Gliders Gathering 2011 a success.  Please support these vendors and sponsors.  Their donations are helping to fund this event.  Click here to learn more about how to vend, sponsor, or donate to the event.

Vendors and Sponsors

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Sweet Sugar Gliders - "Your Ultimate Suggie Resource Guide" Sweet Sugar Gliders is quickly becoming a one-stop location for sugar glider information and supplies.  Educating sugar glider owners and providing quality products for their fur-kids is very important to us and 10% of the profit to helping gliders. If you want to pick up any specific items, please pre-order through our website and select "Pick up at SSGG2011 event" as your shipping method for free shipping. If enough people want Stealths, we will special order them.


Other Donations

We would also like to give a quick thanks to those who have sent in items for door prizes and toy-making time.

  • Sweet Sugar Gliders - Door prizes and toy parts for Toy Time
  • Dorman Exotics - Sugar glider window decal
  • Lindsay Goodrich - Sugar glider t-shirt and toy-making supplies

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