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Sugar Glider Diet Basics - Keep Your Suggie Healthy!

On this page, we will teach you about sugar glider diet basics. There are several recommended and widely approved diets, but most consist of the same basic components, listed below.  You can click the links for more details about each.  As with any pet, you may want to work with your veterinarian in selecting a diet plan.

As a new glider owner, this may all seem very overwhelming at first.  The diet seemed to be the most complicated thing for us in the beginning.  Once you get into a good routine though, it is really not that hard.  To give you an example, every evening around 9:00-10:00PM, we feed fruits, veggies, and pre-mixed HPW (see video below).  We just thaw out some fruits and veggies and mix in the HPW.  We also make sure they have a quality dry food in their cage, in case they wake up during the day and need a snack.  Then we just kind of alternate between different proteins and enrichment supplements throughout the week.  It really only takes us 5 minutes to feed them every night.  If you are finding diet to be confusing, please click here to learn about the SSG Complete HPW Diet - it's feeding made easy!

For those who want to really do some research, these are the main components of the recommended sugar glider diet in captivity:

  1. Main Course (usually a make-ahead, frozen mixture of ingredients)
  2. Fruits and Vegetables (can be fresh or frozen)
  3. Dry Staple Food (optional - to supplement the main course)
  4. Protein (bugs & stuff)
  5. Treats and Enrichment Supplements
  6. Calcium and Vitamins (not required for all diets - to be used with some of the main course options)

One tip we recommend is to make a "glider kitchen" of some sort, to keep the cage cleaner and make your life easier.  We'll get information up soon about how we make our glider kitchens.  Another good option to use as a glider kitchen is a plastic igloo.

Video of Our Nightly Feeding Routine

This video may be helpful if you are trying to decide whether or not a glider is right for you.  This should give you some idea of what is involved in feeding sugar gliders.  Please note, we will be updating this video soon to reflect some recent changes we have made to our feeding routine, as indicated on the SSG Complete HPW Diet page.

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