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The Truth About Sugar Glider Mill Breeders

Sweet Sugar Gliders - Are Sugar Gliders Perfect Pocket Pets?This section of our website will discuss the mill breeders that go around selling sugar gliders at home and garden shows, state fairs, malls, etc. Much of the information presented holds true for all of the breeders you see perpetuating sugar gliders as “perfect pocket pets” for anyone. We have to be careful not to bad-talk any specific companies engaging in these activities or specifically calling out a company as being a glider mill, as they are notorious for suing anyone who speaks the truth about them. The bottom line here is DO NOT purchase a sugar glider on impulse at a trade show, fair, mall, etc. Many of the same problems hold true for pet stores as well.  Do not purchase a sugar glider from a pet store.  Be informed and DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you believe that sugar gliders may be a good pet from you, purchase them from a responsible breeder. If you have already purchased from a glider mill or pet store, it may not be too late to turn things around. You can start now with making informed decisions and taking proper care of your sugar glider(s).

Learn what is so bad about trade show sugar gliders.

Learn what to do if you have already purchased a sugar glider from a trade show and/or mill breeder.

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