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Sugar Glider Veggie Relish Recipe

This sugar glider veggie relish recipe can be used if your sugar glider won't eat his vegetables, or is being picky about eating certain veggies. If using a bag of mixed veggies for this recipe, please be aware that the calcium:phosphorous ratio may be very low. If using this recipe, you may want to mix a little calcium powder into it on the nights that you use it.  An even better option would be to add a high-calcium vegetable like bok choy or turnip greens to the mixture, to help balance out the ratio.  Here at Sweet Sugar Gliders, we have developed our own versions of the veggie relish recipe, which take out the extra ingredients and give you a good calcium:phosphorous ratio.  Click here to see our own SSG Veggie Relish Recipes.

Veggie Relish Recipe


  • 32 oz thawed mixed vegetables and/or suggie-safe fresh vegetables
  • 4 oz baby white grape or apple juice
  • 1 TABLEspoon of honey (use 1/2 TABLEspoon per each 16 oz of vegetables)


Place 1/2 of the ingredients in the blender. Blend or chop to the consistency of a thick relish.
Place or scoop the sugar glider veggie relish mixture into ice cube trays. Freeze them. Once frozen, run hot water over the bottom of the ice cube trays, pop the vegetable mixture out and place the cubes in a freezer container, so they don't get freezer burned. Mix, freeze, and store the other half of the ingredients.
Feed one cube for one glider or 1.5 cubes for two gliders per day.  This can be fed as the vegetable portion of the main diet.

Extra Advice

  • As previously mentioned, be careful if feeding this as the primary vegetable source with your main diet.  Depending on which vegetables you choose, the calcium:phosphorous ratio may not be very good.  If this is the case, you should supplement sugar glider veggie relish with a little sprinkle of calcium or add a high-calcium vegetable to the mixture, to balance it out.
  • This veggie relish can be used as a substitute for the vegetable portion of the sugar glider diet.
  • The sugar glider vegetable relish may be used for several reasons: your sugar glider is being picky, your sugar glider is refusing to eat vegetables, you want to give your glider something different occasionally, or you are out of town and want a convenient way for your glider-sitter to feed your gliders.
  • Please note, we believe that enrichment and variety are important in keeping your sugar gliders healthy and happy.  If feeding this blended up veggie relish regularly, please make sure to provide variety in the diet in some other way (like enrichment supplements) to help prevent boredom.
  • This diet was developed by Anita at http://www.mysweetgliders.com.

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